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To all members and friends,


Through high-quality emergency support, primary care centre treatment and progress in intensive care medicine more and more traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims can be transferred from first aid and primary care at the intensive care unit to the dynamic process of neurological rehabilitation. 


Neurorehabilitation is a teamwork and medical doctors, nursing staff, therapists, social workers, neuropsychologists, family members have to take care together for the recovery of the, often severely handicapped traumatic brain injured.  Social security and national health systems are also part of the neurorehabilitation team, hence strong and trustful collaboration with the medical and family parts would be desirable. 


TBI as the pathology with the 1000 faces challenges research in the fields of traumatology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, pharmacology, intensive care, neurology, neurorehabilitation, psychology and sociology.  Medicine has to collaborate with industries to find out new solutions to reduce first and secondary brain damage including the elaboration of new techniques and improve preventive measures as well as the reeducational approach.


This congress will be under the sign of new and scientific approach in Neuropsychopharmacology, Brainstimulation, Stem cell research, Excitotoxicity and Apoptosis after TBI, Brain Computer Interface, Neuroradiology, Neurotechnology and Robotics, Telemedicine, Long-term Rehabilitation in Mild and Severe TBI, Pain after TBI, Intensive Care and Prognosis after TBI, Clinical Research in Acute and Postacute Care, Prevention in Intensive Care and Long-term Rehabilitation, Sexual relationships and TBI, Neuropsychological and Psychological Changes in TB Injured and Families on Short and Long-term Level, Sociomedical and Growing old, Outcome and Quality of Life after TBI. 


It is a pleasure to organise this congress for the TBI-community in Europe.  The high level scientific work will be presented in oral presentations and poster sessions.


​The is the first scientific congress on TBI that in addition offers a knowledge transfer directly between the scientists, the TB-injured and their families.  The need for this opportunity was expressed on both sides of the TBI-community, the professionals and the TB-injured. 

Now for both experts of TBI, the scientific participants by profession and the TBI-strucked through their experience, the European Congress of TBI will also serve as a platform for exchange of information most valuable for professional and TBI-affected interests.   


​We are looking forward to meeting you at the 2023 under the motto: The New Future of TBI-Treatment and Research - Changes through Experience over the last 20 years.

With the very best regards

​Nikolaus Steinhoff

President of 2023

Secretary General of BIF

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